Jane Doe Rising, Inc.

Jane Doe Rising, Inc. is a nonprofit, crime victim advocacy and direct services, charitable organization dedicated to the wellness, empowerment and long-term success of human trafficking and sexual assault survivors in Texas.

  • Approximately 1 in 5 women in the U.S. reported violent sexual assault at some point in their lifetime.  Seven in ten human trafficking victims are women and girls. 
  • The impact of sexual assault, human trafficking and other violent crimes is serious.  It causes the loss of basic human rights, loss of one’s childhood, a profound disruption in families and communities, and devastating mental health consequences among other long-term obstacles.
  • It is estimated that the lifetime cost of recovery from violent sexual assault and/or human trafficking is between $107,490.00 - $289,197.00 per victim. 
  • Many survivors die at significantly younger ages than the average lifespan.  The cost of recovery for victims would be much higher than this if more were surviving long term.

Our Mission

Impact survivors by providing trauma informed and victim-centered care through direct advocacy services.

Empower women in crisis to achieve success in independence, healing, relationships, careers and community.

Educate the community and spread awareness by giving a voice to survivors.

Evolve through bringing perspective and influencing change.